• Company strength

    We are a collection of mold development and plastic hardware products production as a whole, independent research and development ability of household products manufacturing enterprises.

  • Technology patent

    We have more than 20 senior technical staff, the new materials, plastic molding process, tooling and professional fields such as research and development has close to 300 patents

  • Customer collaboration

    We fit closely cooperation with customers, from product concept, design, development, production and on time delivery, etc are obtained full recognition and trust of customers.

  • Production ability

    We can fully meet customer demand for products. Our annual production of more than 5 million pieces of household (clean) products are sold to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

Who we are

Jiaxing Jehonn Cleaning Products Co.,Ltd was founded in May 2009, which was located in Jiaxing City. It is a stat-certified high-tech enterprise specialized in household cleaning products.The plant area is 6.92 acres,total building area is 38000 square meters, annual cleaning products capacity of 5 million sets. After more than ten years of development, Jehonn has now developed into a mold development,plastic,hardware products ,with strong independent research and development capabilities as one of professional manufacturers.

  • 2009


  • 38000

    Covers an area of

  • 200+


  • 5

    Million pcs

  • 20

    Sell over 20 countries and regions


Digital Management System

To build an information platform and improve management efficiency with the help of digital solutions. At present, our company mainly use the following systems
Digital Management System
  • SAP System

    Paperless office from sales order to production scheduling, procurement, production, warehousing and shipment

  • BCS System

    Improve the work efficiency, do not need to rely on manual calculation, the whole process of the intelligent core

  • ASP system

    Production Planning and Scheduling System

  • EM3 System

    For molding Orders, procurement, outsourcing, scheduling,Comprehensive and systematic management of performance, cost, etc.

  • OA System

    Combining modern office and computer network functions, realizing digital office through office automation, optimizing the existing management organization structure, adjusting the management system, and improving efficiency.

  • PLM System

    In the whole process of all kinds of data management

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